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Bulk SMS by online SMS service is a number one marketing tool for promoting any business. According to a survey user of the generation wants to get new offers on their cell phones through text messages. And most of the businesses are following this ritual depending on to the taste of clients. This is exactly why entrepreneurs are continuously sending SMS online with their new offers for their users by which they keep touching their customers.

If you are obeying these points which I am going to discuss below then you will unquestionably increase your sales and user experience. So have a glance:

  • Send SMS online to your buyers about the new and attractive offers that need to be utilized within a particular time period. Develop a content like a hurry up, don’t miss the opportunity, limited time offer etc. this kind of content surely attracts users and he will not miss the chance to have the offer.


  • Message them with the help from online SMS service for produce a booking for a unique offer of the day and if they register then thank them because of it and send all the important points about event timing, how to improve or cancel it etc.


  • Run text SMSes or send SMS online within the bar to any or all the customers during an event which they have to exhibit the bartender for getting the free drink or particular offer.


  • Planning an event? This is the greatest chance when you get attached to your all buyers. Develop a text with the help of professional online SMS service provider and send it to your all clients which have all the important points about the event such as timing, how to get entry, entry fees, what they could expect etc.


  • In most restaurant & bar clients receives a feedback form after their meal but sending them a text and asking them about their experience, about the food in place of filling a feedback form is significantly more interesting and result giving method.

So with assistance from above points, online SMS service can greatly promote your restaurants and bars. With Bulk SMS Service provider, you can even make new clients and maintain a great relationship with them for a lifetime.

To know what WhatsApp Marketing Campaign is, the primary thing you want to understand what WhatsApp is, how it operates and what its capabilities are. Simply explaining then WhatsApp is a free mobile app that uses the internet connection of your phone and allows you converse, call and video call with other WhatsApp users, without the SMS or calling prices. Additionally, it allows you to distribute files and pictures as per your requirement and comfort.

Exactly why companies should connect WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategy within their marketing plans is its power, interactive environment, great service, personal touch and practical applicability.

Like Social Media Channels, WhatsApp to has grown omnipresent as a top-ranked chatting APP. It is the common sought-after messaging application on the planet and such a high recognition is precisely why businesses require to make WhatsApp Marketing Campaign.

The very best reason to incorporate WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Technique for business is, the truly amazing amount of their customers would already be utilizing it whom they could target and convert via WhatsApp marketing

According to Survey, more than 67 percent of smartphone users favor using chat for interacting with companies and about 53 percent of respondents state that they can favor buying with an organization they could message directly.

Should you aspire to concentrate on young possibilities then WhatsApp will apparently be your truly excellent resort because 42 percent of Smartphone buyers between 18 and 29 years of age favor messaging via WhatsApp than nineteen percent of Smartphone buyers who are 50 or 50+.

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign further guarantees exceptional engagement rates, as a lot more than 95% of mobile messages are opened and read.

Around 90 % of WhatsApp Messages are opened within three seconds to be received.

WhatsApp can additionally be one of the several adopted marketing techniques to honestly share content via Dark Social centers in which marketers share content via individual channels.

There’s further purpose for utilizing WhatsApp marketing, and we will be reviewing them later on. In that meantime check out our webpage for rates and details. We are WEBTWOSMS, one of the best online SMS service provider in India. If you need more information, contact us now.

Are you a business owner? What do you do to win the interest of your audience? Have you got any marketing strategy that can lift the sales of your organization to the peak?  These are some questions which have been asked by many to analyze where your organization is standing & how much it’s competitive for others. Well, the days are gone when you spend thousands of bucks on local advertising. It’s the time when you have to follow the marketing strategies which are in trend in which to stay your competitors for a long time. Irrespective of what’s the niche of your organization, if you wish to allow it to be a huge brand you’ve to come up with the right marketing strategy. Today, probably the most beneficial & the lowest priced marketing tool for businesses is Bulk SMS by SMS service provider or bulk SMS Kolkata, undoubtedly.

Mobile users have now been increasing at a faster rate & it’s quite obvious that over sixty percent of the people of our country is going to be smartphone users till 2020. There’s without doubt, bulk SMS by professional SMS service provider might be the very best medium for marketing & to attain masses instantly. There are numerous bulk SMS service providers in Kolkata who anticipated that bulk SMS services will rapidly escalate the customer base of any business & will help them in converting their potential customers into leads as well.

The growing demand for bulk SMS services by a provider of bulk SMS Kolkata highlighted it as the most effective marketing medium for businesses in 2017. The ease in describing product features & the offers associated with it through bulk SMS, helped enterprises to make use of this marketing tool for reaching masses inside a jiffy. Bulk SMS service from SMS service provider is extremely advantageous for businesses irrespective of their nature. Many enterprises have strengthened their customer base expeditiously by utilizing bulk SMS as an advertising tool for their business promotion.

So what’s the reason behind this uptrend of utilization of bulk SMS by SMS service provider?

It’s cheaper: It’s obvious that you do not desire to increase your marketing budget. Isn’t it? Sending SMS with the help of SMS service provider to a large number of people at a time could be beneficial & cheaper as well. Bulk SMS service is cheaper as compared to other promotional advertisements like TV Ads, banner ads etc. It’s an inexpensive service which can be utilized by small & medium enterprises as well.

Easy to Use: There’s no complexity in utilizing the bulk SMS service & the procedure involved with its hassle-free. There isn’t to stay glued to any particular timing for sending multiple SMS to your potential customers.

As an SMS service provider organization, we will be discussing more the benefits of having bulk SMS provider in Kolkata for promotional purpose. To know more about them, you need to stay with us. In the meantime, visit to see what we can offer you to grow your business. If you need more information, contact us now!

Because of the accelerating growth of mobile carriers over the planet, SMS marketing by the provider of bulk SMS from Kolkata becomes an integral element that plays an indispensable role in the camp of digital marketing plans. It’s well-known that SMS is efficient and fast, rendering it an easy solution to communicate promptly. Every industry is practicing this service in other ways to get profit and trust. Moreover, the hotel industry is emerging itself more and more to make use of SMS solutions from bulk SMS Kolkata for communicating with customers and to attract new ones. Nearly all of the restaurant owners are not really acquainted with the practices for leveraging SMS channels as a result of this many restaurateurs are missing out the wide possibility to explore and keep in touch with customers anytime.

BulkSMS by bulk SMS Kolkata is just a flexible service that can be used in a variety of techniques for getting touching your web visitors and update them with your latest offers and some other activity.


Lots of people prefer to book their table beforehand to stay away from the last minute effort. For such customers, SMS is an easiest and convenient way to reserve their invest advance. send SMS online and you are saved from the trouble.

Reservation Reminders & bulk SMS Kolkata:

You are able to send SMS online as a reminder messages to such those who have already book their invest advance; this message contains details such as for instance timings & table number.

Send SMS online and  Keep Customers Updated:

SMS from bulk SMS Kolkata is a most useful technology to interact and update your audience about your most recent activity. It’s reliable and received to targeted audience promptly. You are able to send about special menus, any upcoming event, special deals, discount coupons etc through SMS. This can give your web visitors your own feel and raise your sales at exactly the same time.

Send SMS online and win the heart of your clients! Bulk SMS Kolkata can help you out with your every possible marketing needs, if you want to increase your ROI by boosting marketing strategy, contact provider of Bulk SMS Kolkata like WEBTWOSMS now. We are one of the best online SMS service provider in Kolkata, provide best marketing tool at an affordable price. So what are you waiting for? Send SMS online now & increase your business revenue. Contact us for more information.

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