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As a website designing company in India, we recognize the fact that WordPress is one of the biggest blogging platforms at this time it’s important to keep your website safe. Only at WEBTWOSMS, we take the security of one’s sites very seriously and make every effort to keep our clients aware of any potential security issues. Listed below are three common security vulnerabilities & how to correct them.

Plugin Vulnerabilities: Plugins usually have glitches which make your website susceptible to hackers. To greatly help prevent this, keep together with updating your plugins.

If you’re a customer of WEBTWOSMS, we as a website designing company in India, processed in destination for a look after this for you. If there’s ever a plugin with a possible threat in the update we automatically revert it to the old version before the update is patched. To test to see if some of the plugins you are using have any potential threats, click here.

Default Passwords: Is the login to the website the default username and password that was included with WordPress when you installed it? I’d change it when possible.

Only at WEBTWOSMS, we purposely change the username to be more technical & we use a 13+ character password that is unique for each of our clients’ websites. Whenever we give our clients usage of the website, we also recommend they change their passwords to a secure password after their first sign-in. If you struggle with remembering passwords, try utilizing a secure password bank such as LastPass.

Vulnerable Hosting Servers: Because the server where your WordPress website resides is a target for attackers, using low-quality hosting services from website designing company in India will make your website more at risk of being compromised.While all owners exercise precautions to defend their servers, not all website designing company in india are as alert or execute the latest security rules to safeguard websites on the server-level.

We regularly (every 24 hours) run scans of our servers to guarantee that our customer sites are protected. If there exists a potential threat we’re instantly alerted by the scan & take appropriate action to guarantee that the sites are not affected.

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Is it really true that the bulk SMS from online SMS service in India is much better and reliable than other methods of marketing tools? It is arguably the most discussed issues among advertisers all around the world. Marketers around the world argue that it is the best choice to bond with a customer with accurate texts.

WEBTWOSMS is an online SMS service provider in Kolkata, who also send SMS online in India as well. Here we are showing some reason for utilizing this state of the art marketing tool and also who, where, when should use bulk SMS service.

Nature of campaign: The idea of the SMS is extremely needed for instant messaging and various different way of showcasing. As an example, in the event that you have an offer to your clients, bulk SMS Marketing by online SMS service in India is the perfect mode of promotion. No other promotional platform is likely to make an effect as instant messages when offers are considered.

Quantity: Simply it is important to consider how you treat your bulk SMS messages and emails. As an example, in the case that you’re getting continuous SMS from an identical address, there’s likely you might perfectly open it once. The usage of an immediate message has been just to provide the mandatory information in an accurate way.

Open rates: The below numbers don’t leave anything for people to chat on as your client will surely read your message sent through bulk SMS Marketing.

  • Open Rate of Bulk SMS Marketing – 90%
  • Open Rate of other types of Marketing – 30 to 35%


  • The CTR of SMS Marketing – 40%
  • The CTR of other systems of Promotion – 7 to 10%

An inspiration behind why every advertiser is considering SMS Marketing by the provider of online SMS service in India, because of the direct result of wide access to cell phones in the market. Mobile phones are reasonable and also you can get Affordable Bulk SMS Plan from SMS Gateway Provider in Kolkata. If you need more information, contact us now.

Bulk SMS marketing by an SMS service provider from India is beneficial and profitable to businesses. Since they are related to smartphones that will be widely utilized by people for business texts and short conversations. Also unlike email, they don’t really land up as junk. It is even more secure as it is really a spam free mode of communication.

Wide and easy reachability:

online SMS service in India can help to reach the customers directly and ensures the delivery of messages instantly to the targeted individual.


Being a price effective solution it serves to be always a significant choice for advertisement and marketing to market business. Businesses can more potentially communicate with individual customers or groups to market business.

Relevant information and timely delivery:

Because faster reach it greatly helps in creating the awareness about newly introduced products and thus approach huge numbers of potential marketers and customers in less time duration. Businesses can send relevant information with the help of SMS service provider from India to a particular group of customers increasing exposure of brands and thus save a large amount of time.

Customized messaging:

Bulk SMS marketing services enable sending highly customized messages to the selected or wide group of customers, that is personalized too. It assists in implementing value-added solutions at marginal costing and enables automatic Immediate alerts

Because versatility across sections of society, companies other than sending latest updates and newest launches to the customers, it can be used to send immediate alerts to their employees in addition to sales teams about emergencies and critical situations.

Moving Forward:

online SMS service in India are being utilized by several companies to send even greetings to their clients and suppliers on various occasions and festivals. We are able to surely say this really is one service with a bright future and here to stay. If you need more information, contact WEBTWOSMS, we are on of the best SMS service provider from India serving to boost your business ROI.

When you begin, be sure you realize how WhatsApp works. It is really a pretty simple application and also comes with a desktop version. Social media marketing tactics don’t work here, so you need to create your own personal WhatsApp marketing strategy. Be sure you are engaging and authentic. The reason being you are going to be reaching out to your web visitors directly, one-on-one. Attempt to take lessons from the bigger brands which have tried their hands at WhatsApp marketing. Consider tips on how to tie this campaign along with your other campaigns.

Let’s discuss one of the earliest examples of companies using WhatsApp. BBC utilized WhatsApp throughout the 2014 Ebola outbreak to keep people updated regarding the condition in West Africa. In recent years, BBC began a different campaign called ‘Young, Angry and Connected’to inform the stories of marginalized African youths using social media.

Here’s how you should use WhatsApp marketing:

Customer Communication: You can ditch phone follow-ups and choose WhatsApp follow-ups. It is much more efficient, and people will respond when they are free. No-one enjoys blind telephone calls at unusual moments. It’s more straightforward to leave a personalized text. Along with that, it presents you with a way to really touch base to a lead or maybe a customer. As opposed to utilizing the cold, formal text of emails, you can now immerse yourself in an informal, friendly conversation.

More or maybe more small businesses are taking to WhatsApp to keep touching their clients.

Marketing tool: WhatsApp is not only a platform to send texts, but it also supports popular formats of images, documents, and audio. There’s no restriction on format or size. Moreover, being fully a personal messaging platform, delivery rates, open rates, and engagement rates are greater than the usual marketing channels.

Needless to say, you need to draw a range between normal level of interactions and spam. The perfect solution to start your WhatsApp marketing campaign is to get in touch with your best customers. As opposed to trying out new ones, it is much better than you touch base to old, trusted customers.

Right now, WhatsApp is definitely an untapped gold mine. Yeah, few companies are deploying it, but no you have still taken complete advantage of what it has to offer. However, there are still a couple of issues that need ironing out. But, in general, WhatsApp might prove to be a good channel for one-on-one communication for businesses in the future.

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There are several newer ways to promote your organization is by using bulk SMS gateway by a provider of bulk SMS Kolkata. Many business owners are utilizing SMS as an advertising tool. Although, there are many utilities of applying this marketing option and it could be worth utilizing bulk SMS gateway by the provider of bulk SMS Kolkata for your business.

The very first benefits an utilities of using bulk SMS gateway are keeping close to clients. In the event that you have the client’s contact information, you may use it for your advantages. the fact of the situation is that lots of business don’t contact their customers enough. Using bulk SMS in a good way to take action and a fruitful method to let the customer know about special events and offers.

The next advantageous asset of using bulk SMS by the bulk SMS gateway provider is that it could be inexpensive and effective. This strategy is far cheaper than using direct marketing to let your clients find out about your promotion. If you feel that you can’t afford to utilize direct mailing due to the costs involved, you should look at using SMS by the provider of bulk SMS Kolkata being an alternative. You might be surprised at the kind of results you get.

The third benefit is that bulk SMS by the provider of bulk SMS gateway can make your marketing promotion more effective. Studies have proven that Bulk SMS by bulk SMS Kolkata marketing campaigns are a great deal more successful when multiple channels are used. When you have a special event or promotion, you should employ multiple ways from email, blogs, phone follow up, and even SMS to maximize your outcomes.

If you are still confused about whether you want to utilize bulk SMS gateway, you can find out more blog about bulk SMS Kolkata or bulk SMS gateway here. According to many successful business owners, after utilizing bulk SMS gateway for self-promotion, they have witnessed tenfold of business ROI and customer retention. So what are you waiting for? Give a boost to your business by utilizing bulk SMS Kolkata without spending a fortune on it. If you are looking for more information, contact us now! We are WEBTWOSMS, one of the best bulk SMS gateway provider in Kolkata, providing bulk SMS at an affordable price.

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