Short Codes Services are short cellular telephone numbers utilized by various SMS service provider. Short numbers/Short Codes are comfortable to read and identify. We are one of the foremost Short Code SMS Service Providers in India. Crave to improve leads for your services and commodities by arranging the sender’s mobile numbers? Choose a keyword relevant to your business and considered consumers and send inquiries by sending message PRODUCT to 54545 or 56767.

Web2SMS provides online SMS service related to Enterprising Suite which can be mainly related to the process of sending and receiving SMS in a complex circle of the database environment. It is primarily necessary for satisfying the needs of the customer base related to monetary transactions that take place through such automated system, bulk or those manual ones. Such incoming messages can be received either through a GSM modem or virtually through a mobile number that has been configured on our Gateway. It is mainly done along with the option of premium number tie-ups and enables the user with the ability to manage keywords and to get the reports instantly.

Advantages of short code services:

  • Short codes are easy to retain in the mind and also remember.
  • It is mainly combined with pull SMS; marketing campaign promos which can be automated, personalized, analyzed and later researched on.
  • It has greater chances of leading a marketing campaign due to a large number of mobile users.
  • Short Code Service is essential for Response Driven Marketing, which includes publicity through such codes with the help of radio, T.V, print or SMS.
  • These are mostly used by advertising agencies, media-related companies, radio stations, TV channels and for other purposes like campaigns, contests.


Except you have a substantial number of mobile retailing expertise, asking for, leasing, and receiving endorsement for a dedicated short code can be upsetting. Luckily, Web2SMS an SMS service provider has years of expertise serving our clients launch “dedicated” mobile marketing operations and we can help you each step of the way.