This service practiced by various bulk SMS provider in India like Web2SMS provides speech communication of a predefined combination of assistance subscribers in half-duplex style on the radio link taking into statement versatile mobile service subscribers associated in the voice group call service VGCS call per cell. The VGCS is relevant to all mobile stations in a certain network and field which have the technological capacity and the identical subscription, respectively to engage in a VGCS call.


  • Receive an answer from members, workers, clients, and prospects.
  • Political campaign advertising, voter enrolment, vote reminders.
  • Marketing commodities and services.
  • Strengthen preset appointments, pre-planned meetings, and conversation.
  • Fundraising for social event.
  • Business pickup and delivery phone notification.
  • IT helps staff for alert escalation process.
  • Set an appointment reminder.
  • Outbound voice calls IVR.
  • Call scheduling.