Why Is Bulk SMS Marketing Better for any type of business?


Is it really true that the bulk SMS from online SMS service in India is much better and reliable than other methods of marketing tools? It is arguably the most discussed issues among advertisers all around the world. Marketers around the world argue that it is the best choice to bond with a customer with accurate texts.

WEBTWOSMS is an online SMS service provider in Kolkata, who also send SMS online in India as well. Here we are showing some reason for utilizing this state of the art marketing tool and also who, where, when should use bulk SMS service.

Nature of campaign: The idea of the SMS is extremely needed for instant messaging and various different way of showcasing. As an example, in the event that you have an offer to your clients, bulk SMS Marketing by online SMS service in India is the perfect mode of promotion. No other promotional platform is likely to make an effect as instant messages when offers are considered.

Quantity: Simply it is important to consider how you treat your bulk SMS messages and emails. As an example, in the case that you're getting continuous SMS from an identical address, there's likely you might perfectly open it once. The usage of an immediate message has been just to provide the mandatory information in an accurate way.

Open rates: The below numbers don't leave anything for people to chat on as your client will surely read your message sent through bulk SMS Marketing.

  • Open Rate of Bulk SMS Marketing – 90%
  • Open Rate of other types of Marketing – 30 to 35%


  • The CTR of SMS Marketing – 40%
  • The CTR of other systems of Promotion – 7 to 10%

An inspiration behind why every advertiser is considering SMS Marketing by the provider of online SMS service in India, because of the direct result of wide access to cell phones in the market. Mobile phones are reasonable and also you can get Affordable Bulk SMS Plan from SMS Gateway Provider in Kolkata. If you need more information, contact us now.


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