Common Website Security Vulnerabilities by website designing company in India

As a website designing company in India, we recognize the fact that WordPress is one of the biggest blogging platforms at this time it's important to keep your website safe. Only at WEBTWOSMS, we take the security of one's sites very seriously and make every effort to keep our clients aware of any potential security issues. Listed below are three common security vulnerabilities & how to correct them.

Plugin Vulnerabilities: Plugins usually have glitches which make your website susceptible to hackers. To greatly help prevent this, keep together with updating your plugins.

If you're a customer of WEBTWOSMS, we as a website designing company in India, processed in destination for a look after this for you. If there's ever a plugin with a possible threat in the update we automatically revert it to the old version before the update is patched. To test to see if some of the plugins you are using have any potential threats, click here.

Default Passwords: Is the login to the website the default username and password that was included with WordPress when you installed it? I'd change it when possible.

Only at WEBTWOSMS, we purposely change the username to be more technical & we use a 13+ character password that is unique for each of our clients' websites. Whenever we give our clients usage of the website, we also recommend they change their passwords to a secure password after their first sign-in. If you struggle with remembering passwords, try utilizing a secure password bank such as LastPass.

Vulnerable Hosting Servers: Because the server where your WordPress website resides is a target for attackers, using low-quality hosting services from website designing company in India will make your website more at risk of being compromised.While all owners exercise precautions to defend their servers, not all website designing company in india are as alert or execute the latest security rules to safeguard websites on the server-level.

We regularly (every 24 hours) run scans of our servers to guarantee that our customer sites are protected. If there exists a potential threat we're instantly alerted by the scan & take appropriate action to guarantee that the sites are not affected.

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