Programming Languages Web Developers Require to Know for 2019

Programming languages slip in and out of admiration like each season's hottest trends. The utter volume of languages would surprise anyone getting started in programming and web development, and experienced web devs usually have their go-to languages. At WEB2SMS, our web developers and programmers work with a variety of languages every day.

To get started, there were two programming languages that our team recognized were 'timeless' staples: HTML and CSS.

Why HTML and CSS still matter

HTML: It's the conventional markup language for the Internet. HTML is frequently seen as the introductory programming language and what gets newcomers accustomed to coding. HTML markup specifies web design of a web-page utilizing tags. Those tags relay to the browser how details like headings, body copy, and links are to be displayed.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the style language and provides developers with the essential tools to bring ideas and design to life. In simple word, CSS and HTML aren't going anywhere anytime soon. These two languages present you both style (CSS) and structure (HTML).

What our awesome web developers and programmers told

Sure it might be simple to repeat another top 10 list, however, those don’t really present feedback from the developers that utilize these languages every single day. So we asked around our offices and here are the languages our WEBTWOSMS devs recognized were significant with a little explanation as to why.

JASON: “A crucial part in various RESTful API. JSON is that singular communication link among different systems that have to be integrated.” – Sayan Mukherjee.

Python: Python has been up and growing for the last couple of years, however, it’s certainly coming into prominence. I recently saw a class where the teacher was teaching with Python rather than C, C++, and other more common languages. Python is further being wrapped into Raspberry Pi and marketed to kids so it's what they're being trained on. – Vishal Rajak

Javascript: “Javascript (es6) is crucial to us in building frameworks though it’s a flexible enough language on both the server-side script and the client-side script. It’s simply a really great one to have handy, and as websites become more interactive/visually based, it’ll remain to expand and be popular”.- Shubhamay Roy

Our developers surely put thought into this list; we’ve got the group chats to prove exactly how intensive these conversations got! However, even with their years of expertise, this list is by no means complete.


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