SSL Certificate and why you need one for web development?

Google is on the warpath. The internet represents a crucial role in every perspective of modern life and with every day that moves we’re becoming more rooted, for greater or for worse. That indicates that cybersecurity is nearly as significant as the real world safety (police, army, home security) that holds us safe. After all, if someone hacks your website or takes your identity, it’s going to have a catastrophic result on your real-world life.

With that in mind, Google signaled all unencrypted websites in the summer of 2018 – which numbered to around two-thirds of the internet. It’s certainly worked, as that number is closer to one third now. You’ve apparently seen the warning: "Your Connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards)"

One avoids Google slapping this warning on their website by placing an SSL certificate which will change a URL from to & provide users a way to see the certificate to make certain everything’s good. We as a web development company generally buy and install these certificates for our customers, and recently, we’ve been both installing these on websites we’ve launched before Google enforced this rule in years past and making certain any newly launched websites are encrypted with SSL out of the gates.

What is SSL?

SSL/TLS is simply the technology that builds secure encryption among your web browser and a website’s server. An SSL certificate ensures your users that such security is available and that they’re in great hands. This is related to the health department posting an A+ in front of an eatery. Without an SSL certificate, your guests will confront the previously mentioned security warning when they try to enter your website.

Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

Protecting your users (and letting them realize it) is essential to building trust between them and your brand. If you redirected to a new site and were welcomed with "ATTACKERS MIGHT BE TRYING TO STEAL YOUR INFORMATION", what would you do? Yeah, you’d hightail it outta there!

So would I. And that’s precisely what guests who come to your site for the first time will do.

It’s no secret that lacking an SSL certificate will harm your search engine rankings; Google has told this frequently now. This isn’t really news in the industry, however, it’s something several site owners aren’t informed of. Search engine optimization or SEO is definitely significant to people obtaining your products and services, so falling in Google’s rankings is something you should take as sincerely as a heart attack.

In addition to the preceding reasons, if your website uses text input in any form – contact forms, search bars, payment data, anything at all—then an SSL certificate is especially significant. Text input fields are one of the hackers’ absolute favorite ways to get into your website and do evil things that will wreck your day.

The response to the question, “Do I need an SSL certificate?” is no longer a question— it’s a necessity.

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