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When you begin, be sure you realize how WhatsApp works. It is really a pretty simple application and also comes with a desktop version. Social media marketing tactics don't work here, so you need to create your own personal WhatsApp marketing strategy. Be sure you are engaging and authentic. The reason being you are going to be reaching out to your web visitors directly, one-on-one. Attempt to take lessons from the bigger brands which have tried their hands at WhatsApp marketing. Consider tips on how to tie this campaign along with your other campaigns.

Let's discuss one of the earliest examples of companies using WhatsApp. BBC utilized WhatsApp throughout the 2014 Ebola outbreak to keep people updated regarding the condition in West Africa. In recent years, BBC began a different campaign called ‘Young, Angry and Connected'to inform the stories of marginalized African youths using social media.

Here's how you should use WhatsApp marketing:

Customer Communication: You can ditch phone follow-ups and choose WhatsApp follow-ups. It is much more efficient, and people will respond when they are free. No-one enjoys blind telephone calls at unusual moments. It's more straightforward to leave a personalized text. Along with that, it presents you with a way to really touch base to a lead or maybe a customer. As opposed to utilizing the cold, formal text of emails, you can now immerse yourself in an informal, friendly conversation.

More or maybe more small businesses are taking to WhatsApp to keep touching their clients.

Marketing tool: WhatsApp is not only a platform to send texts, but it also supports popular formats of images, documents, and audio. There's no restriction on format or size. Moreover, being fully a personal messaging platform, delivery rates, open rates, and engagement rates are greater than the usual marketing channels.

Needless to say, you need to draw a range between normal level of interactions and spam. The perfect solution to start your WhatsApp marketing campaign is to get in touch with your best customers. As opposed to trying out new ones, it is much better than you touch base to old, trusted customers.

Right now, WhatsApp is definitely an untapped gold mine. Yeah, few companies are deploying it, but no you have still taken complete advantage of what it has to offer. However, there are still a couple of issues that need ironing out. But, in general, WhatsApp might prove to be a good channel for one-on-one communication for businesses in the future.

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